Wholesale Flowers In Fort Collins

Premium Wholesale Flower Selection At Palmer Flowers

Get access to the most amazing fresh flowers Northern Colorado has to offer. With direct grower access in California, Ecuador, Columbia, Hawaii & Holland, Palmer Wholesale has the most extensive fresh flower selection around! Plus, we have many relationships with local flower growers giving us availability of Colorado grown flowers much of the year

Wholesale Florist Pricing & Availability

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Palmer Wholesale’s coolers are stocked with a constantly revolving selection of stunning fresh flowers. Please call, email, or stop in for on-the-spot availability information. Pre-ordering specific or unique wholesale flower products should be done at least five days in advance.

A sales tax license is required to setup a wholesale flower account at Palmer Wholesale. Flowers are sold in stems or bunches depending on the industry shipping method for that product.

Access The Most Beautiful Wholesale Flowers In Northern Colorado At Palmer Wholesale